Because Mommy is a Prepper

It doesn’t have to be a Zombie Apocalypse to benefit from being a Prepper. My daughter, the eldest of two toddlers has been reliably potty trained for about 9 months. My son is about halfway trained so I still keep a small diaper bag in the car with a few pull ups, a pair of shorts and some wipe-ees. For the casual observer this should be enough. today we went to a local State Park to do a bit of fishing and alligator watch.
All was well until we left my husband to fish on his own and went to play at the playground. Suddenly a shriek split the air. A primal scream from my little girl as she starts running towards the nearby buildings. “I have to go POTTY!!!!” she didn’t make it. Was I upset by the possibility of cutting our trip short to return home? Nope. Why not? Because, Mommy is a Prepper.
I have an overnight bag with a complete change of clothes for each of us, a washrag and soap that I keep in the car. No tears, no stress.
While Daddy continued to chase elusive fish we casually returned to play. Until it started getting on to dusk and the Mosquitos came out. Did I call my husband and nag him to put his toys away? Nope. Mommy is a Prepper. I have bug spray in the GoBag. I also went ahead and snagged a couple of Cliff bars and some bottled water as my children began the “I’m hungry” song. Sure, we brought a cooler of drinks – its down by the water with my husband and the two alligators that keep chasing his fish away.
When we came to the park for spring break – before I consciously began to “prep” – a little boy fell while biking and ended up with a compound fracture of his arm. My Mom, a nurse, worked with the parents and rangers to stabilize the boy – but no one had even a basic first aid kit. The bleeding wouldn’t stop and he was eventually Life Flighted to a nearby hospital. I wasn’t prepared. He could have died. It could have been my child. But it’s ok, now. There are more than clothes and Cliff Bars in my car. Because, Mommy is a Prepper.


2 thoughts on “Because Mommy is a Prepper

  1. Regular Joe says:

    I like your writing and info in your posts. Would you be interested in my posting them regularly on my blog. I was thinking maybe under a category ‘Survival Jane’? My blog was originally conceived as a blog for ‘Regular Joes’ that wanted preparedness information, some political news and a daily devotional out of the Bible. I have found out that I have quite a few ‘Regular Janes’ following also. (actually the term came from a reader who asked if it was OK to follow along) as if I would say no! I reblogged one of yours yesterday and it got quite a few reads. Thanks,

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